Say It with a Smile

Dental Office Tacoma

A Good Smile Starts With Finding A Great Dental Office

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in our practice, we have found there’s something that is much more valuable. The power of a smile. A smile can build up someone’s confidence, or it can tear it down. That is why we invite you to our Dental Office in Tacoma.

Experience, time and dedication has equipped us to effectively and efficiently offer you with turnkey dental solutions.

Leave the Dentist With a Smile

Our office is soothing, warm and tranquil to welcome you to relax as we take care of all your dental needs thus ensuring you not only walk out healthier, but you also leave with a smile.

Our teams are trained both in theory and experiential to handle all your dental care and to customize all your needs as we believe every client deserves a personalized and tailor-made approach. We are quickly setting the bar in terms of dental service around Tacoma and the industry at large.

As a healthcare practice, we invest in our equipment as much as in our teams. Some of the turnkey practices include;

· High Principles

We maintain excellence in our standards at all times during your dental care and that translates to a qualitative and excellent service.

· Safety

We prioritize on safety both for you and for ourselves, which is why we always ensure all our safety measures are in place and take thorough care of all equipment. We are also compliant the recommended standards by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

· Positivity

In our line of work, it is of key importance that we gain your trust. We understand that placing yourself in our hands is no small fete and that is why we work to not only feel make you feel comfortable but also to positively impact on your dental care.

· Proficiency

Through any procedures, we assure you that our teams are confident of their work, and they are trained to the highest levels in order to give you the best smile. Our commitment to you is we will continue to grow in skill and knowledge by keeping up with what is in the industry, attending relevant lectures and conventions.

· Extensive examination

Many are times when people come to us when they have a problem, and in many cases, the damage is usually already done by them. That is why we constantly advocate for regular checkups. The checkups we carry are quite extensive and comprehensive, this way we ensure your dental care is at its best. Also, if there are any cropping up infections or anomalies, we are able to detect them early and treat them.

We also have advice from our teams on how to improve our dental care in simple and manageable ways in our daily routines.

We understand that dental care is a chief concern in many homes as we all want to have a smile at all times. Visit our office and you will be assured of just that.

Visit Our Convenient Downtown Tacoma Dentist Office

We are located just off of Division Avenue and MLK Jr. Way. If traffic is too hectic after your appointment, walk over to Wright Park to enjoy the gardens, observatory, and ponds.


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Rejuvenate Your Life Through Massage

Massage Therapy to Alleviate Stress and Muscle Tension

If you are stressed or fatigued, then to help you become stress-free and unlock your body, you need a good massage therapist. But finding a good massage therapist is not easy because it is a small city situated near Puyallup. You can find several places in this city which can de-stress you by connecting you with nature like Frontier Park and Camp Lakeview etc. As it is the part of a metropolitan region people from all walks of life come here for different reasons like to pass time, visit fairs and other regular events held here throughout the year. Some people who are stressed and tired also come here to relax. They usually search for a good therapist for massage in Graham WA.

Massage Graham WA

How to Find a Massage Therapist Who Meets Your Unique Needs

Most people live a stressful life in today’s fast-paced modern world, regardless of where they live. One has to pass through various stressful conditions throughout his life due to social needs and demands of work etc. In order to face all these stresses, one has to remain healthy physically and mentally. Massage therapy is the best way to rejuvenate you in such a condition. You will have to spare some time for yourself for this purpose. A good massage therapist can help you in relaxing your physical and mental stresses by comforting your sore muscles, headache and other tensions. But to find a good massage therapist you will have to take some careful steps.

Though it is hard to find a good massage therapist in a small town like Graham, East of Highway 7, it is not impossible. The tips provided below may help people searching for a good massage therapist to rejuvenate them along with rehabilitating their chronic injuries and pains. These tips will help you to find a massage therapist who really knows something about the trigger points used in this therapy.

Basic tips to find a good massage therapist:

  • You will need to shop around by visiting several massage therapists in this city until you find one that meets your requirements.
  • You should explain your needs politely to the therapist you visit. But if he or she does not respond positively then you should quickly move to the next therapist.
  • You can ask for the credentials of the therapist you visit to verify his or her qualifications in the field.
  • You should visit a therapist with medical or deep tissue massage as a specialty if you have sports or medical related issues
  • The therapists who have read classic texts on massage may have deeper knowledge about its benefits

If you have succeeded in finding a good massage therapist even then you should tell them about your requirements.

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Top five ways a Tacoma cosmetic dentist can enhance your smile

Cosmetic Dentist Tacoma

Enhance Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

A board-certified and experienced cosmetic dentist in Tacoma will be capable of improving any feature of your smile effectively and artistically. As your smile is one among your most important facial features, having injured, curved, or stained teeth will influence the way you depict yourself to others. A dented smile may reduce your speaking ability, as well, and may have an effect on your self-confidence with others that you could take pleasure.

What can a Tacoma cosmetic dentist accomplish?

Besides restoring your tooth functionality, a cosmetic dentist in Tacoma will use various techniques to improve the beauty of your smile. Even if you have healthy teeth, tooth whitening may append the additional touch you have to emphasize a previously beautiful smile. A cosmetic dentist will also be capable of increasing the self-confidence in those who have the missed and broken teeth by repairing them effectively in a dramatic way. Investing in a good-looking smile is more than a way to appear attractive and it is a vital investment, as well, in your social and job opportunities.

How can a cosmetic dentist in Tacoma improve your smile?

A skilled and knowledgeable Tacoma cosmetic dentist can use a variety of highly developed techniques to assist their patients in improving their smile to look attractive. Here are some of the ways that these dental professionals can provide your grin a lift through,

Replacing the lost teeth: Whether you have some gaps between your teeth or you have the mouth without teeth, a cosmetic dentist can reinstate your grin with natural appearing tooth restorations through dental implants, dental bridges, dental crowns, and dentures to fill ugly gaps in your smiles.

Teeth whitening: Professional tooth whitening offered by a skilled cosmetic dentist is more effective and safer than the do-it-yourself therapy. Almost every Tacoma cosmetic dentist offers an extensive range of take-home or in-office tooth whitening systems for a bright, blemish-free smile.

Teeth reforming: If you experience that your teeth are excessively pointed, fatigued, or strangely shaped, a Tacoma cosmetic dentist can use one among the several cosmetic dentistry methods, such as Porcelain veneers, to reshape your teeth for a more pleasing look.

Damaged tooth restoration: Due to wear and tear over the years, your teeth may experience chips, cracks, or discoloration. An experienced and skilled cosmetic dentist in Tacoma will use some effective procedures, like porcelain veneers or bonding to cover the dent and will improve the look of your tooth. If you have broken or decayed teeth, the dentist will offer you the natural appearing teeth by providing you with a dental crown.

Straightening the misaligned or crooked teeth: Some people with misaligned or crooked teeth may wish to avoid the disgrace and soreness of conventional metal braces. Most Tacoma cosmetic dentists will offer clear braces as a method of teeth-straightening; these offer almost invisible plastic aligners that shift the teeth in stages.

As your smile is a precious asset in your everyday life, it is vital to decide on a cosmetic dentist in Tacoma with the required skill and artistry to create the smile you want. Just counting on the neighboring dentist in nearby New Tacoma or East of I-5 may offer you disappointing outcomes.

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Why you must book Massage Therapy in Puyallup

Quality Massage Therapy is Available in Small Towns, Too!

Massage therapy in Puyallup is one of the best things you can do to treat your body when looking to get relief from stress and depression. Massage Therapy is a great way for people in Puyallup Washington to prevent their bodies from injuries. Over 18% of Americans suffer from some anxiety disorder with another 10% suffering from depression. These are conditions that can easily be treated by a massage therapy from a qualified therapist. The high number of massage therapists emerging can be attributed to the growing benefits of massage in today’s lifestyles.

Massage in Puyallup

The field of massage therapy in Puyallup has grown over the years, increasing in both popularity and number of licensed therapists. It is now easier to find massage therapists in Puyallup Washington than it was a couple of years ago. There is no question the people of Puyallup love getting a massage once in a while. However, what most of them don’t realize is that it not only makes them relax their mind, body, and spirit but also helps heal muscles, soft tissues and the body in general.

What are some of the benefits of a massage therapy?

It counteracts all the sitting you do

Do you work at a desk all day? Then you probably need a massage therapy to counteract the effects of sitting most of the time. Individuals who sit for most of the time often find themselves dealing with some postural stress. They tend to manifest some neck and shoulder pains. The pains and weaknesses in the gluteal and low back can easily be solved by getting a good message therapy.

It eases muscle pains

If you have some sore muscles, then a massage therapy can help. A massage therapy will improve the circulation of blood easing the pain in the muscles and giving people relief. You will be surprised to find out that a massage therapy is as effective as any other treatment for muscle pains.

Soothes depression and anxiety

“Human touch” in friendly and professional can be therapeutically relaxing for all individuals. Women diagnosed with breast cancer have found some relief from a massage therapy. A massage therapy gives relief to individuals who are stressed and anxious making them feel much more relaxed and happy. A massage can be relaxing in several ways, and most people tend to have a massage therapy once or twice in a month depending on the jobs they do.

Improves sleep

A massage therapy in Puyallup can help individuals with sleep problems enjoy a good night sleep. It improves relaxation and sleeps in individuals undergoing radiation therapy or chemo. For infants, it can help them cry less, sleep better and be less stressed according to new research. Booking a massage therapy with a massage therapist in Puyallup will be a great way to give your body the much-needed rest. The benefits are tremendous as you get to gain even from the benefits of enough sleep.

Boost immunity

Yes, a massage therapy can help improve the immune system in people and patients with HIV. A good massage helps in the production of white blood cells that play a crucial role in fighting diseases in the body.

It relieves headaches

When was the last time you had a headache? It is probably a few days ago or weeks. Try booking a last minute massage, and you will be surprised by how quickly the headache disappears. A good massage will decrease the severity of tension and frequency of the headaches.

There are many more benefits of a massage therapy which goes to show why you must book your today. Massage therapy is a technique that started centuries ago. It is not something that started a couple of years back. Our ancestral used it as a form of healing. The ancient civilization of the Greeks, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, and Egyptians all speak about massage therapies. It is not something new despite the evolution in the industry which has led to various forms of massage therapies. In Puyallup today, you can get different forms of massage therapies from almost any massage studio. Nowadays massage is a huge industry with schools teaching a variety of techniques. There is no reason not to book a massage today and enjoy the countless benefits it has to offer.

Where else to find relaxation in Puyallup?

Bradley Lake Park is an undeveloped site with a 12-acre lake. It’s a great way to escape the busy-ness of the day and unwind on one of its many walking trails. If that’s too far out for you, The Puyallup River Walk Trail is on the west end of city and ends at the East Main Bridge. This path is great for casual cyclists and walkers alike.

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Chiropractic Care for Repetitive Strain Injuries

Chiropractic Care

ChiropractorChiropractors depend on their ability help those who suffer from injuries. These chiropractic care services can be both preventative and curing. Though major injuries often occur from a single action, there is a whole range of actions that can lead to a chiropractic trip for care. This type of injury occurs in a wide variety of settings, from sports players to office and construction workers. These are what’s known as repetitive stress injuries, and they can become a major problem over time.

Construction and manufacturing jobs are prevalent in the Puyallup area, with companies like Fastenal and Pro Sales employing many local residents. And while manufacturing jobs are good for the economy, they are bad for workers’ bodies. Back injuries, repetitive motion pain, and neck problems develop despite these companies’ efforts to mitigate them.

What is a repetitive strain injury?

There are wide range of injury types that fall into the repetitive stress injury category. These are typically caused by repetitive motions, poor positioning, mechanical devices, exertions, and vibrations that affect a specific part of the body. Just some of the injuries that fall under this label include:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Edema
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Radial Tunnel Syndrome
  • Intersection Syndrome
  • Golfer’s Elbow
  • Tendinosis
  • Focal Dystonia
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

How do repetitive stress injuries affect the body?

Depending on the type of injury the affect that occurs may vary. The most common injury types are inflammation like tendonitis and the condition known as bursitis. These are both similar in nature but where tendonitis is inflammation of the tendons (connective tissue that allows for movement), bursitis is the inflammation of cushioning sacs that help lubricate areas between bones and tendons. This is part of the reason so many individuals suffer arthritis of the joints. Bursae are often found at these joining intersections in order to help the body cushion these often moved areas.

What are the symptoms of repetitive stress injury?

Chiropractic Treatment
Pain typically occurs at the site and you may suffer from pain as you are performing a specific action. For instance, when pain is sports related like tennis or golfer’s elbow, pain occurs during a specific motion that extends and flexes an area that is inflamed. Tennis players may suffer from this when they are bringing the racket back and tilting their wrist backwards. Golfer’s may suffer from this as they hit the golf ball, feeling pain in both the elbow and wrist. The area may also be warm to the touch, and sufferers frequently experience swelling, pain, and redness. Putting additional weight or strain on the area can cause it to hurt even more.

When should you seek help?

If the pain occurs with movement, tenderness doesn’t go away, or your regular activities are interrupted you should seek medical help. Medical practitioners can diagnose your problem and many of the stress injury related chiropractors receive are due to referrals. That’s because when it comes to injuries, chiropractic and traditional medical practitioners work in tandem for the betterment of the patient, and chiropractic care can do more for your stress injuries than you may have even realized.

Chiropractic Treatment for your Stress Injury.

With so many different stress related injuries chiropractors have to be able to adapt their treatment to the patient. One of the first things you and your chiropractor will discuss is the location of your pain, when it occurs, and what you believe has caused it. Establishing this helps determine the nature of the injury before diagnostic imaging is taken. Chiropractors use a number of different measurements to determine the extent of the injury, and how to go about treating it.

One of the things you’ll get with chiropractic care that traditional medicine doesn’t always offer is individualized care. There is no one size fits all option a chiropractor can use across multiple patients. That’s why recovery, treatment, and therapy efforts are based around the individual needs of the patient. Your chiropractor will likely take extensive notes and test for a number of things like blood flow to the area, flexibility, where and when pain occurs, and what range of motion can be safely executed without the fear of pain.

Specific treatments available from your chiropractor.

  • Adjustments – This is what most people think of when they think of chiropractic care. When nerve endings are compressed by incorrect spinal alignment it can cause symptoms throughout the body. This can result in inflammation and pain and may directly contribute to or mimic repetitive stress conditions. With proper adjustments these can be fixed over time resulting in partial or complete recovery though ongoing treatment may be necessary.
  • Decompression Techniques – Decompression methods involve stretching out certain parts of the body in order to separate the joint surfaces. Since many stress ailments occur around joints or are joint related, this can be used to great effect. It may be combined with ongoing stretching at home in order to help limber the affected area and restore a more complete range of motion when mobility is affected.
  • Massage Therapy – Many chiropractic offices also have a massage therapist on hand. Massage therapy has been a long running treatment practice for many ailments related to stress including those caused by repetitive actions. Tightening muscles can cause a number of different problems from chronic pain to inflammation. Massage is an excellent way to work out the affected areas and help muscles that won’t relax on their own.
  • Acupuncture – Though acupuncture can’t be found at every chiropractic clinic, it can help a wide variety of conditions. Acupuncture works by stimulating certain nerve endings. These meridian points reach all across the body, and when certain points are hit it can reduce pain in other areas. This is great for repetitive problems like arthritis and extended motion pain as well as pain caused by office jobs where employees are forced to sit in the same position for long periods of time.

Finding the right Chiropractor for your needs.

Now that you know what services to look for it’s time to identify the right chiropractor for your stress injury treatment. There are some important questions you can ask your potential chiropractic clinic in order to determine whether or not they are right for you.

Ask your chiropractor:

  • How long have you been in business and where did you go to school? This will allow you to check the credentials of the University if you desire.
  • What services do you offer? Determining the scope of service and whether or not any additional practitioners operate out of the same building can help you find a chiropractic center that offers all of the services you need in one place.
  • Have you ever had any complaints? Finding out whether or not there are any complaints lodged against your chiropractic office of choice can help you weed out poor practitioners. Just like other medical fields the quality of the services can vary. When poor service can result in greater problems, you want to take the time to vet your chiropractor.
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Preventive Dental Care 101

Many dentist offices offer preventive care to keep patients from developing gum and tooth conditions that cause pain and can lead to the loss of teeth and/or infection. These conditions are often preventable with proper oral hygiene. If you are able to keep up with oral care, you will most likely be able to keep concerns like gum disease and tooth decay down to a minimum. If you do end up with a problem with your teeth or gums, make sure to check in with your trusted dentist in Seattle to ensure that your teeth can be restored to their natural beauty and you can have a strong bite. The following article has a two-part focus: the first includes tips you can enact to prevent dental disease and decay, the second section will focus on general first aid for teeth in the case of an accident.

Dental Care: Prevention 101

Preventing Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a common occurrence for many people, especially children. There may also be and increased risk in people who have very deep grooves in their teeth, to the point that even brushing everyday has no effect. For people with these issues or who have a genetic disposition for tooth decay, there are ways of reducing the risk.

  • A dental sealant is a permanent protective layer that your dentist in Seattle can apply over your teeth. The sealant acts as a shield for the tooth that keeps harmful bacteria from weakening and eating away at the natural enamel. Dental sealant can help you avoid tooth decay if you have very deep grooves in your teeth. It is also a solution for people with weak or receding enamel.
  • Eating right for your teeth is another way of reducing the risk of tooth decay. Keep sugary foods to a minimum in your diet or cut them out altogether. Sugar is a favorite of bacteria. Frequent consumption of sugary foods and beverages will increase bacteria activity, leading to a higher occurrence of tooth decay.
  • Good oral hygiene is, of course, a great way to prevent tooth decay. Make sure you brush twice a day for at least two minute, focusing on getting at each tooth and every angle. Brush in the morning and also before going to bed, and do not eat anything after that last brushing for the night. Also floss at least once a day to remove additional bacteria and tartar that has been missed with brushing. Tooth decay develops over time, so keeping up with your hygiene can save you from problems later on.
  • Regular dental cleaning is a big part of staying on top of your oral health care. A dentist will be able to diagnose any conditions that are taking hold, like tooth decay, and prevent them from getting worse. They also remove plaque and tartar build up, keeping your teeth clean to help avoid decay.

Preventing Gum Disease

Dentist Seattle
Besides tooth decay, you also have to worry about other oral diseases such as gum disease. Gum disease begins as gingivitis and progresses to become periodontitis, and eventually chronic periodontitis. In the early stages it is reversible, however, once the progressions goes too far, it can only be maintained with vigilant oral care and regular visits to the dentist. Most of the preventative steps to take for gum disease are the same ones you apply to avoiding tooth decay.

  • Good oral hygiene is a given in preventing most conditions that negatively impact the teeth and gums. Regular flossing and brushing are absolutely necessary.
  • Fluoride can be used as an additional preventative guard against gum disease. Fluoride is a naturally occurring element that is used to prevent oral diseases, especially in those who do not get it in their drinking water. Fluoride has been shown to strengthen teeth by making them more resistance to bacteria. It is particularly useful in reversing the early stages of tooth gum disease. You can set up a program for fluoride treatment with your regular dentist.
  • Mouth rinse, also called mouth wash, carries benefit in the prevention of gum disease. Using and ADA approved mouth wash after a meal, especially when you are not able to brush for a while or when you have eaten a particularly sugary or acidic meal, will help remove pockets of food debris clinging to the teeth or caught in the grooves.
  • Smoking cessation is a must for a healthy mouth. Not only does smoking exacerbate the conditions that lead to gum disease, it also increases the risk of cancer of the gum and mouth.

First Aid for your Teeth

There are many activities which pose particular peril to your teeth: playing sports, exercising, and some just everyday experiences. When your mouth is hit by a ball or you step off a sidewalk too hard and jar your jaw, causing a tooth to chip or break, there are some steps you can take to ease the reduce pain and damage.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

If you break off a piece of tooth keep the fragment if you can. Stay away from eating or drinking hot or cold substances until you can get into the dentist. The dentist may be able to bond the fragment back on with color-matching technology.

Tooth Knocked Out

Seattle Dentist
When a tooth has been entirely knocked out, it can actually be possible to replant it. This generally only works if it is done immediately. Quickly rinse off the tooth and make sure it is free of debris and so is the pocket in your gum line. Holding only the crown section of the tooth, and avoiding touching the roots, place the tooth back down into the socket in the same direction and angle it had been in. Once you feel the tooth is firmly in place, place gentle pressure from the top, pressing down to hold it.

As soon as possible, get in to see the dentist, especially if the replanting does not take.

Tooth Displacement

A displacement is when a tooth has suddenly been pushed down further into the socket or has been pushed sideways into a different location. Either of these situations is not something that should be handled on your own. If you have teeth that have been jarred out of position, get to a dentist right away. A dentist can anchor the tooth/teeth to surrounding stable teeth, keeping it from falling out and slowly migrating it back into place.

Cracked or Fractured Tooth

Cracked teeth are different from those that have had a section that has chipped off. While the tooth may still be fully rotted in the socket, it has a crack line going through it. If you are aware that this has happened (or if you have bit down hard on an object, like an unexpected bone in your food) you may have exposed pulp. This is an avenue where bacteria and infection can get inside the tooth. It may be possible to seal up, but it may also need to be pulled. Either way, it needs to be seen by a dentist in order to avoid it turning into an infection.

If you have any questions about these concerns or need to schedule an appointment for preventative dental care, call Timothy J. Butson, DMD, MSD, a preferred dentist in Seattle. The office is located in bustling Downtown Seattle just off University Avenue and 7th near the Hilton.

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